trouble staying hard

Most guys think staying hard is a matter of working at their erection.

But this is completely wrong.

Work and worry actually interfere with your erection.

That’s why guys who are functioning “normally” will have very good erections when they wake up — morning wood as many guys call it.

Erections are a relaxation response.

Can you relax if you are worried you won’t maintain your erection? Of course not. You tense up, you keep testing, you’re worried about embarrassment and humiliation.

The secret to staying hard is to relax. But that won’t happen until you get over the problem for 90% of guys with erectile issues.

And that problem is de-sensitization.

What is de-sensitization?

It’s a medical condition but doctors generally don’t know about it.

It is caused by the brain becoming less and less sensitive to normal sexual turn-ons. Often guys who get into porn end up with de-sensitization.

When you overcome de-sensitization, erections become relaxed and automatic. You last a looooong time but you also have no problem coming inside your woman. And you don’t need fantasy or porn stimulation to get there either.

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